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Kush Shukla, NCSP

Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Educational Advocate, Coach, and Consultant

Kush Shukla is the owner of Shukla Educational Advocacy LLC and founded it in 2023 due to the growing need for support and services for helping families, children, adolescents, and young adults better navigate their current educational systems and experiences. Kush's primary goal is to equip and empower his clients with the skills and information needed to best advocate for their educational rights!


Kush is a licensed and nationally certified School Psychologist with experience in several states. He holds certifications and licenses from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, and Michigan. Kush has also worked with clients across other states within the United States of America. Kush also works with international clients, in countries including United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India.


His extensive experience includes working as a School Psychologist in various school districts, where they were responsible for conducting evaluations, counseling students, writing psychoeducational reports, implementing behavioral interventions, and assisting teams in designing and implementing Individual Education Plans. He has also developed and coordinated a mentoring program for students, provided crisis prevention and intervention professional development, and designed and implemented a variety behavioral and social-emotional intervention for individuals and groups at school-based settings.

Kush is passionate about helping students achieve their full potential and providing support to educators and schools. He has a deep understanding of the educational system and how to best serve the needs of students. He is committed to providing high-quality services and making a positive impact for his clients.

Kush lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and dog. In his free time, when not working with schools, supporting students, or advocating for parents, Kush enjoys hiking, meditating, gardening, and spending time with his family and friends. 

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