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Supporting students, families, and schools!


Are you looking for compassionate and supportive coaching and consultation services for your family, child, or college student?


Do you want to help your child develop better study habits and executive skills (organization, planning, and time management)?


Are you looking for support in navigating the special education (including IEP/504s) system?


Would you like to learn strategies for managing challenging behaviors at home? 


Shukla Educational Advocacy (SEA) LLC provides executive functioning and study skills coaching as well as parent/guardian consultations including special education consultations and home-based behavioral consultations for families and individuals.


Our goal-oriented and collaborative approach focuses on advocating for our clients, with a student/client-led approach. Contact us today for a free 30-minute initial consultation or coaching session to discuss how we can support you in achieving your academic and personal goals.


"Kush is an amazing and understanding person, who works endlessly to provide the best care for everyone around him. He listens and makes accommodations to accomplish the most appropriate plan of action for the best outcome possible."

Former Student

High School Graduate

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